About Us
With over 25 years of LED lighting experience, Buztronics (StreetFX/MarineFXBicycleFX and soon RunnersFX) has been powering up LEDs in all colors, shapes and sizes for all of the 12 volt markets.  From automotive, to motorcycle, to marine, our StreetFX brand has become the choice for buyers and distributors around the world.  Because we design, manufacture and market all of our products in-house, StreetFX is able to offer the best price, quality, and merchandising anywhere.  

We are here to listen and help the distributor, the retail shop and the customer with any suggestions and constructive reviews as well.  With our continuous improvement and customers feedback, together help make us a better company... Your Company.  We look forward to fun filled days with new products and the brightest lights! 

Edward "Buz" Lewis, CEO/Founder